5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Dec 01, 2018

Dentists with specialized training in root canal therapy are called endodontists. Root canal treatment removes the diseased portion of an infected tooth. Underneath the outer layers is the soft inner pulp that houses a tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.

When a tooth infection spreads to the pulp a root canal may become necessary. A crack, severe decay or a faulty dental crown and can cause a bad tooth infection or inflammation. Left untreated, a serious infection can worsen, spread to other teeth, or the bloodstream. The result may be surgery, tooth loss or further health complications.

Misconceptions about Root Canals

Although root canals in Union City, NJ alleviate pain and save teeth by removing the diseased pulp and stopping the spread of infection, the common endodontic procedure still has a bad rep. Our dentists near you will recommend root canal treatment to patients in the 07087 area with severe inner tooth damage.

Here are five common myths about this tooth-saving endodontic procedure:

  • Root Canal Treatment Is Painful
    Patients report virtually no pain with endodontic treatment. In fact, root canal therapy alleviates pain as it removes the source, the infected pulp. With advancements in technology, technique, and anesthesia, modern root canals in Union City are not what they used to be decades ago.
  • Root Canal Procedure Requires Several Visits to The Dental Clinic
    Today, many people still people that tooth removal is faster and a better solution. But if you choose extraction, you will need to replace that tooth. If you opt for a dental implant, be prepared for the many visits and the expense. Root canal treatment in Union City typically requires only 1–3 appointments, depending on the condition of the tooth.
  • Root Canal Therapy “kills” the Tooth
    Endodontic treatment disinfects and cleans inside the tooth so it can heal. Root canals help restore health, not destroy it.
  • Root Canal Procedure Is Not Very Successful
    When performed by an endodontist, root canals have about a 95 percent success rate. With good oral hygiene practices, the treated tooth can remain healthy and functional for life.
  • Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness
    At one time, root canal treatment was believed to cause other bodily illnesses. This myth was based on faulty research that has been proven wrong long ago. There is no modern research to support these archaic findings. On the contrary, endodontic procedures eliminate disease-causing bacteria from the affected areas and prevent reinfection in the mouth.

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