5 Different Types of Dentures in Union City

5 Different Types of Dentures in Union City

Aug 11, 2020

Permanent tooth loss initiates a string of oral problems. At first, you will hardly notice that any issues, as you drown yourself in the thought of living without your teeth. Eventually, reduced oral function, droopy facial appearance, among other issues, are the beginning of the consequences of tooth loss.

Fortunately, different solutions in modern dentistry ensure you never have to spend another day toothless. If you are on the hunt for a tooth replacement procedure for all your missing teeth, read on to learn about dentures.

What Are Dentures?

They are a set of artificial teeth that are held together by a gum-like base. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth.

In the past, people associated dentures with old people. For the most part, dentures were used to replace the missing teeth of elderly people. However, today, things have changed. Dentures in modern dentistry have to be adjusted and customized to meet the growing needs of patients. You can have your smile restored with dentures, with no one to tell them apart from natural teeth.

Types Of Dentures Available In Dentistry

Before you get overly caught up in the idea of replacing your missing teeth, note that dentures come in different types. A Union City dentist has to guide you through the different alternatives there are, before getting you started on your restorative treatment. The major categories of dentures you can find in a Hudson family dental are:

  1. Complete dentures – are also referred to as full dentures and are the traditional dentures that many people know of. They have all types of teeth, which is why they are used to replace all missing teeth. To get these dentures in dentistry in Union City NJ, you would have to be toothless. It is mostly worn by elderly people.
  2. Partial dentures – when you still have several of your natural teeth healthy and intact, you need partial dentures instead of the complete ones. As the name suggests they cover your mouth partially, filling the gaps of the missing teeth. They are a great alternative to full dentures since you get to keep the rest of your natural teeth.
  3. Immediate dentures – when one of your teeth is missing, you can find a way to get through several days without it. However, when multiple are missing, let alone all your teeth, the last thing you want is to imagine an entire day end without teeth. This is why immediate dentures exist. They are pre-made, which avails them for patients at all times. A dentist will have to get a size that closest matches your mouth so that you don’t spend another moment without teeth.
  4. Custom dentures – if you are looking to have a say in the type o dentures you want, custom dentures are for you. They are made of more expensive artificial teeth, which you can select based on your preference. You can also pick the shade of color you prefer, for the sake of your aesthetic appeal. These dentures require more than one dental visit to have. Your attending dentist will take impressions of your mouth, as measurements for your dentures. This assures you of a perfect fit, which is one of the greatest advantages of custom dentures.
  5. Implant-supported dentures – these are specially made for patients who are looking for permanent tooth replacement solutions. Ideally, several dental implants are installed on your jawbone, depending on the number of teeth being replaced. The implants become the support for the dentures so that the dentures are not removable afterward. Implants can be used for both partial and complete dentures.

Should You Get Dentures?

Dentures are not the only tooth replacement treatments in dentistry. However, out of all others, dentures have the domineering advantage of replacing multiple missing teeth at a go. They are not made for single-tooth replacement, but rather many.

Other than that the variety in the types of dentures should encourage you to try them. When you have missing teeth, be sure to contact your dentist for recommendations on the best suitable treatment. Keep in mind that dentures can be customized to befit your personal preferences, particularly when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

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