6 Things You Should NEVER Do If You Want Pearly White Teeth

6 Things You Should NEVER Do If You Want Pearly White Teeth

Jul 01, 2019

You can’t underestimate the role of a pearly white smile in enhancing your beauty and appearance. White teeth don’t just add to your beauty, but also boosts your confidence. People with sparkling white smile can make a good impression on others, says the dentist near Union City. Here’s a look at some tips to maintain a white smile.

  • Don’t brush too hard

It is estimated that a significant part of the population over brushes their teeth, which is not good for your enamel. Some whitening toothpastes contain abrasives, which can again damage the enamel and stain your teeth. It is advised to brush your teeth gently and visit the dentist near New Jersey, for a whitening treatment instead of using OTC products.

  • Avoid soda, coffee, tea, and red wine

These beverages are a big NO if you wish to maintain your pearly whites. Some green smoothies and blueberries may also cause staining. Even if you have them occasionally, make sure to rinse your mouth or drink a lot of water to reduce their effect.

  • Skip sugary or sticky foods such as hard candies and caramels

If you wish to keep your teeth healthy along with white, you must avoid sugary and sticky foods as they can lead to cavities and decay.

  • Don’t try to DIY whiten with lemons or strawberries

With the onset of summers, you may want to try these fruits for whitening your teeth, but the acid in these fruits can make the enamel weak leading to a permanent damage to your teeth.

  • Be careful of toothpastes containing charcoal

Though they claim to remove the stains, many of them can actually harm your teeth because of abrasive content.

  • Don’t choose a toothbrush with hard bristles

A toothbrush with hard bristles can, not only damage your tooth enamel but also irritate your gums and lead to gum recession in the long run. Instead, choose a brush with soft bristles and clean the teeth with softer strokes by doing circular motions. Make sure you brush twice a day and floss at least once.

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