Benefits of Mouth Guard

Benefits of Mouth Guard

Nov 01, 2020

Do you participate in casual sports or other high-impact activities? Get a custom-fit mouthguard for you. It is a tailored device fabricated by the orthodontist or dental professional. It is worn over teeth to protect against damage.

Not just bruxism, you can also use a mouthguard for jaw pain or obstructive sleep apnea. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The process of getting a mouthguard begins when an expert dentist Union City NJ measures the mouth structure to create an impression of your teeth.

After that, the mold is sent to the dental laboratory that builds the custom-fitted guard for your ultimate comfort. The dental professional will check it to ensure it fits perfectly on your mouth.

How Do Mouthguards Work?

Mouthguards absorb the shock of impact and diffuse the pressure around the material. It significantly lowers the chances of incurring an injury to the face, jaw, tongue, or lips. This prevents concussion or knocked out a front tooth.

Benefits of Mouthguards

Here is why a mouthguard protects your teeth:

1. Comfortable

Custom-fitted mouthguards are built to fit snugly over your teeth and stay firmly during any action. This makes it much easier to speak and breathe. They usually consist of pieces of plastic that cover the upper teeth to prevent them from grinding together. You must clean them properly once it becomes worn out.

2. Stops Oral Injuries

Knowing how to stop injuries to your mouth is vital if you participate in organized sports. A mouth guard plays an essential role while playing sports. Activities like wrestling, soccer, basketball, etc., trigger a high risk of damage to the jaw and mouth.

However, with a mouthguard, the risk can be minimized to a huge extent. As per the American Dental Association (ADA), 200,000+ oral injuries are prevented every year by wearing the mouthguard.

3. Lower Headache and Pain

Temporomandibular disorders links with Bruxism. The common symptoms include jaw pain, headache, earache, neck pain, and muscle fatigue. You can regularly wear the mouthguard to get rid of these signs immediately.

4. Increased Sleep Patterns

Wearing a mouth guard allows your facial positions and jaws to relax. This boosts your sleep patterns significantly and helps you get a comfy good night sleep.

5. Cost-Effective

Mouthguards are easy to use by adults and kids. Moreover, the cost and its repair are affordable.

6. Relieves from Snoring, Bruxism, and Sleep Apnea

Did you know an average of 85 adults has sleep bruxism? Teeth clenching affect your mouth muscles. This results in breathing issues, sleep apnea, and snoring. Moreover, pain linked with sleep bruxism can occur in the jaw, face, and neck.

Bruxism patients also face difficulty in opening and closing the jaw fully. A mouthguard slightly enhances the tiny gap between the jaws to increase the intake of air. This makes breathing easier.

7. Preserve Your Confident Smile

A healthy set of teeth and proper oral hygiene is important to keep your smile bright. Union City dentist will mold your guard according to your needs. It lowers tension on the muscles and jaws. Moreover, it allows you to confidently move your jaw free whilst you eat or talk.

8. Avoid Damage to the Orthodontic Appliances

Mouthguards prevent damage to the bridges, braces, and other fixed orthodontic devices. They prevent damage to the brackets of braces by acting as a barrier between lips or cheeks and braces. This lowers the risk of gum injury.

9. Guard Teeth Against Damage

During night time, as your teeth clench, it triggers huge damage. This result in extra enamel wear, chipped teeth, and damaged filling. Mouthguards are the best way to protect the tongue, inner lining of cheeks, and lips from damage.

Tons of injuries can happen from not wearing a guard. It includes breaking the jaw, lacerating lips, etc. A mouthguard is a vital piece of athletic gear no matter whether you are professional or amateur. Thus, it should a part of your equipment from an early age. Moreover, how long it lasts depends on its use and construction.

If you suffer from any sleep disorders, contact Hudson Family Dental experts today. They will provide excellent quality mouthguards. The dental device will help you stop these disorders right away.

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