Jul 01, 2021

Eating food is one of our basest desires as humans. However, eating the wrong food can cause various issues for the teeth and our health in general.

We all want healthy teeth and what’s most important is sticking to the right lifestyle. However, the kind of foods most of us like isn’t the right kind, strange right? In this article, you’ll find out the type of food that you shouldn’t eat if you want healthy teeth.

What we consume plays an essential role in keeping us healthy. However, most people don’t realize how bad the wrong kind of things they consume is for the body.

Most people know that exercise and diet play an essential role in keeping them healthy. However, do you realize how important a healthy mouth is for a healthy body? Bad food can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay doesn’t start on the first day, it develops gradually. It is caused by plaque (a sticky bacteria covering). The bacteria releases acids that can cause harm the tooth’s enamel whenever a person consumes sugary meals. This can cause cavities to develop after so much damage has been done to the enamel. Bad oral health can affect a person mentally, physically, and socially. It can also influence the way we socialize and way too. To avoid the problems that could be faced from unhealthy teeth, you should avoid excessive intake of the foods stated below.

BREAD: Whenever you want to eat some carbs, you should eat less refined carbs. The starch in bread breaks down into sugar whenever you are chewing. After that, they’ll become sticky glue-like and then cling to the holes between the teeth. If you want to eat bread, you should consider going for whole wheat bread. They contain less extra sugar.

HARD / GUMMY CANDIES: Truth be told, most people know about the dangers that candies and sugary sweets can cause to the teeth. However, they are sweet and who doesn’t love a sweet taste? Children are especially guilty of consuming too much candy. If you must eat candy, you should avoid hard candy because they don’t dissolve quickly and can stick to the spaces between the teeth. When we eat too much hard candy, we put our teeth at great risk of getting teeth decay. If you are craving something sweet, you can get a box of chocolate that can be chewed hastily and washed away immediately. It is also important that you brush your teeth properly after eating sugary foods.

POTATO CHIPS: Beware of crunchy foods. Though they taste nice and are satisfying, they can be very dangerous to the teeth. Potato chips are filled with starch. When the chips are stuck in the holes between the teeth, they are broken down into sugar which can cause plagues in the teeth. Eventually, if this continues for a long time, such a person can develop teeth decay and other teeth problems. However, if you want to have some potato chips, you should consider brushing your teeth afterward.

ICE: It will amaze you to know how many people love to chew ice cause they feel it’s fun and interesting. They also think “it is water after all” and doesn’t contain sugar so it can’t cause damages to the teeth. What most people don’t know is, chewing tough substances can hurt the enamel. It can also put you at risk of suffering from dental problems like cracked or broken teeth. You should break the habit of chewing on ice and only use them to chill beverages. Chewing on hard substances can also make your teeth very sensitive which may cause you pains whenever you drink or eat cold and hot food. However, If you are experiencing severe teeth sensitivity that causes extreme pain, visit a dentist near you.

ALCOHOL: Apart from creating problems for your oral health, alcohol is dangerous to your body. Alcohol can cause your mouth to become dry. When a mouth becomes dry, it lacks saliva. Saliva is important to the mouth cause it keeps the mouth healthy and stops food from gluing to the teeth by washing away the food crumbs in the mouth. However, if you want to consume some alcohol, you should keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

CARBONATED DRINKS: Your teeth can become vulnerable to teeth decay when you take carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks can cause plagues to gather in the teeth, thereby causing damages to tooth enamel. They can also discoloration to the teeth. If you must take drinks, take unsweetened drinks or water. Most importantly, never brush your teeth shortly after drinking soda cause it could fasten teeth decay.

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