Fluoride Treatment: Why is it Important for Adults

Fluoride Treatment: Why is it Important for Adults

Aug 27, 2018

Ever wondered why toothpaste companies boast of having fluoride in their toothpaste? This is because fluoride is an important ingredient for the maintenance and growth of healthy teeth. Although this is specifically important for children aged between 6 months and 16 years, fluoride is also good for adults.

What is Fluoride?

Nature has its own ways of providing fluoride to you. This element can be found in foods, plants, and animals as well. Sodium fluoride (NaF) and Stannous fluoride (SnF2) are two main sources of fluorides. Both of these compounds have proven to prevent cavities and strengthen the dental enamel and bones.

Why is it Important?

Fluoride is a significant element used to defend the teeth from bacteria and plaque buildup. It will help strengthen the dental enamel and reverse the process of tooth decay. The process of applying fluoride to teeth is known as ‘Mineralization’.

On the other hand, ‘Demineralization’ is the process of tooth decay from acid, bacteria, and plaque. In recent years, everyday consumption of junk food has increased the wear and tear of the enamel and lead to permanent tooth loss.

At-Home Fluoride Treatments

There are a few items available at home which can be used easily to get the fluoride content you need. The most common item that includes fluoride is fluoridated water and vegetables prepared in this water. A few vegetables and fruits also include fluoride content such as pickles, cucumber, spinach, and tomato. Apart from this, fluoride toothpastes, gels and mouthwash are also available at home.

In-Office Fluoride Treatments

If the at-home fluoride treatments do not prove to be a solution to your problems, you can always go to your dentist. Tell them about your problem and ask them for a stronger prescription of fluoride. After examination, the dentist might recommend you a stronger gel or varnish. You will have to make an appointment for this treatment. So this might require you to visit your dentist repeatedly.

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