Restore Your Smiles with Crowns and Bridges

Restore Your Smiles with Crowns and Bridges

Apr 04, 2019

It is getting increasingly easier to get closer to getting that Hollywood star smile. Earlier, everyone was dependent on the daily rigour of brushing between the meals, flossing and mouthwashing. Now, more and more people are understanding the aesthetic values of dentistry and how they help in getting that perfect smile.

Two key tools which can help your family get a better smile are Crowns and Bridges. You can visit Hudson Family Dental to get these for your entire family:

Crowns Overview

Crowns are the last level solution, on the continuum of fillings, inlay and onlays. All these other solutions are great if you have witnessed cavities in your teeth. Crown, on the other hand, has a multifaceted application. It obviously sits on the top of your teeth if you have cavities going deep. That said, it can be a great solution if you have any broken, chipped or darkened teeth. The crown will blend into the look of your other teeth and still give your tooth the perfect shape it needs.

Benefits of Crowns

Crowns clearly provide a ton of benefits to the wearer. Some of them include:

  • Structural integrity of the tooth: The tooth, which was otherwise experiencing uneven pressure while eating and speaking, will now have a perfect shape.
  • It helps you maintain the natural chewing process you used to have before you lost a part of your tooth.
  • It makes your teeth look perfectly shaped

Bridges Overview

While crowns are used in single forms and are used on one tooth at a time, the bridges have a more comprehensive appeal. Bridges, as the name suggests, are helpful in decreasing the gap between the teeth. If your teeth have uneven or unnatural gap between them, bridges can be the perfect solution for you.

Benefits of Bridges

There are clear benefits of using dental bridges as well:

  • They help you chew better.
  • They fix a series of teeth and their problems in one go.
  • They can be relatively cheaper than many other dental solutions.
  • Fitting them does not carry any additional risk for the teeth.

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