The Whys and Hows of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The Whys and Hows of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Mar 27, 2019

Wisdom tooth is an extra tooth which may come in between 17 -21 years of age. Wisdom tooth is not an issue for all but in many cases; this may create pain and irritation. When wisdom tooth is problem for you and you need solution to this, you may obtain treatment from Hudson Family Dental clinic.

Why remove wisdom tooth?

Not in all cases, wisdom tooth requires treatment but in severe cases, it gets quite compulsory to extract the tooth. There are reasons for this:

1. To make space for your teeth

On an average, there is space in jaw for about 32 teeth but as wisdom tooth grows in later ages it must be removed so as to ensure proper spacing for tooth in the jaw.

2. To get rid of infection

Bacteria and germs may get trapped over the area of wisdom tooth. In such cases, individual may face irritation and pain in chewing. To get rid of this infection wisdom tooth must be removed.

3. To preserve your existing teeth

In case, there is infection in wisdom tooth, it is essential to remove it so that infection does not spread to other teeth. Because of uneven angle of wisdom teeth, other teeth may face issues.

4 To avoid cyst formation

In some cases, there arises a sac around the wisdom tooth. This liquid filled cyst may break causing tissue and bone to break and in such cases, treatment from Hudson Family Dental must be taken without any delay.

How to remove wisdom teeth?

For wisdom teeth issues, proper tooth extraction process is carried out.

1. You will be sedated

For treatment of wisdom tooth issues, often sedation and anesthesia are provided for the procedure.

2. You may require stitches

After wisdom tooth extraction, the area is stitched and left for healing so that better results can be expected within time.

3. It is an outpatient procedure

Wisdom tooth extraction may require 45 minutes to an hour time. Doctors at Hudson Family Dental uses perfect procedure for better tooth extraction process.

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