Ways to Smile More

Ways to Smile More

Feb 07, 2018

Smiling, even when we are not 100% happy, can actually make us happier! It kind of tricks the brain into releasing the endorphins that make us feel happy and content. Not being happy with your smile due to dental issues should not get in the way of that happy feeling!

Discolored Teeth

If the teeth are discolored, there are many ways to whiten them. A professional whitening done by your dentist is more effective and works much faster when compared to over the counter products.

Crooked Teeth

If your teeth are crooked, there are many ways to repair this issues. Traditional Metal Braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners are two of the most popular ways to straighten the teeth and help your overall oral health.

Chipped Teeth/Cracked Teeth/Gaps

Dental Bonding is a fantastic way to repair many of the small issues that plague the front teeth. Small chips, cracks, fractures or gaps between the teeth can all make a person want to smile less. Dental Bonding works via a resin that is smoothed in place where it is meant to repair the tooth, which is then hardened and buffed to a shine that is reminiscent of a natural tooth. These small issues will be easily erased by dental bonding.

Missing Teeth

There are many reasons to replace a missing tooth that are not cosmetically related, but the cosmetic reason is often why people replace a tooth. Dental implants are a common treatment used to replace the tooth, while bridges and dentures can also be used for many people.

No matter the issue, whether it be large or small, it should not get in the way of having a smile on your face. The team at Hudson Family Dental are committed to helping every patient find the smile of their dreams!

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