What to Expect on a Routine Dental Exam

What to Expect on a Routine Dental Exam

Oct 09, 2018

Dental exams are very important when it comes to taking care of your teeth. We often think we have it all covered with traditional flossing and brushing, but there is much more than meets the eye. Your dental exam is usually carried out by a general dentist. Additionally, there can be one or more experienced assistants if teeth cleaning is necessary. Here’s a look out for 3 things you should expect during a routine dental exam

1. Medical History Intake

Once you get into your dentist’s office, the dentist will ask you a few questions that will help gauge the status of your oral health. On the questionnaire, you are asked to give information concerning the medications you’re currently taking, allergies, and whether you smoke or consume alcohol.

It is absolutely necessary that the dentist ask such questions to prevent any complications in the procedure. When you have finished answering the first set of questions, your dentist will inquire about your previous dental history, including things such as surgeries, and your response to anesthesia. By having all this information, they are then able to finally proceed with the first steps of the dental exam.

2. Examination

Having collected all the information needed, the dentist will proceed to the second step. During this step, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and supporting structures. They mainly do this through the use of X-Rays. X-Rays can identify abnormalities which cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, X-Rays are not commonly required during a dental exam. They are usually done with stopgaps between each dental appointment. But, if you have concerns about the radiation you should speak to your dentist.

3. Dental Cleaning

When performing a standard dental check-up, your dentist will remove tartar that may have formed underneath the gums or on the surface of the teeth. Most dentists now use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to perform a dental cleaning effectively. Having removed the tartar, the dentist then polishes your teeth for the final finish and sends you on your way with helpful brushing and flossing tips.

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