Why Dental Whitening Should Only Be Performed at the Dentist

Why Dental Whitening Should Only Be Performed at the Dentist

Aug 01, 2022

People have discovered the benefits of a beautiful smile which is why they want bright teeth and a white smile. Getting a whiter smile has become easy due to increased over-the-counter products and teeth whitening kiosks. However, these are not the best options for brightening your smile. Read on to find out why you need professional teeth whitening.

Reasons to Get Teeth Whitening Treatments at the Dentist

When you want a smile makeover by whitening your teeth, having a dentist do it is the best option. It is because professional teeth whitening at the dental office in Union City, NJ, gives the best results. In addition, the treatments do not have uncomfortable side effects.

Whitening using store-bought products or by unlicensed professionals puts your oral health at risk. Over-the-counter bleaching kits have specific instructions that the patient should follow. However, most patients ignore the rules when using the products.

For example, they may leave the bleaching gels on the teeth for more time than instructed. Although this may give you whiter teeth, it leads to oral health issues. The hydrogen peroxide chemicals will cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. The more the individuals use these products, the more severe the problems.

Having your teeth whitened at a salon or whitening kiosk may seem like a good idea because it is cheaper. However, the person performing the whitening is not professionally trained. As a result, they will not take the necessary precautions to protect your mouth from harmful chemicals.

Only a dentist can give you a white smile without affecting your oral health. A dentist will examine your gums and teeth before the whitening process. They ensure you do not have gum issues or extreme tooth sensitivity. The whitening agents may exacerbate these issues causing permanent damage.

In addition, dentists promote excellent dental health. They clean your teeth thoroughly before whitening them. It removes plaque and harmful bacteria that may hide in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The dentist takes preventive measures during the procedure to keep your gums from becoming irritated or burned. They also provide fluoride treatment to reduce sensitivity.

When you want a smile makeover, you should go to a family dentist in Union City for excellent results. The dentist has the techniques and equipment to brighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter. Their training in cosmetic dentistry enables them to give you a natural-looking white smile. In addition, they will help you maintain the white effects for longer.

What Does Teeth Whitening at the Dentist Involve?

When you go to your dentist for teeth whitening, the process is known as professional or in-office teeth whitening. The bleaching procedures are customized according to your needs and desired results. In-office teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective. They lift intrinsic and extrinsic stains from teeth, leaving them several shades whiter.

The team at the dental office in Union City, NJ, offers several teeth whitening treatments. They include:

  1. Laser teeth whitening

The experts use lasers to accelerate bleaching, reducing and removing teeth stains. Laser teeth whitening involves applying a whitening gel to the teeth. Then, the dentist will shine a laser beam on them, allowing heat from the beam to activate the reaction of the gel. The process produces faster and more effective results.

  1. Zoom® teeth whitening

It is a light-assisted teeth whitening system that gives you brilliant results within an hour. First, the dentist applies peroxide gel on the surface of the teeth and then activates it with a Zoom lamp. Light from the lamp accelerates the process.

  1. Tooth-colored restorations

Sometimes, a whitening treatment does not lift off stains from teeth successfully. The dentist will recommend using tooth-colored restorations on teeth with intrinsic discoloration. These include dental veneers, dental bonding, and dental crowns.

They are permanently fixed over or on the surface of teeth to cover the permanent stains. In addition, the dentist will customize the restorations to give you the exact shade you desire and make it look natural. These cosmetic dentistry restorations can give whiter long-lasting smiles.

Have your teeth professionally whitened at Hudson Family Dental for amazing and durable results. Contact us for a smile makeover that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

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