Why Laser Frenectomies Are a Gentler Option

Why Laser Frenectomies Are a Gentler Option

Jan 29, 2018

What is a frenectomy? To understand this, you first must understand that there is a small piece of tissue, or a flap, of skin that connects the top and bottom lips to our gum tissue. Many people rarely, if ever, pay this small piece of tissue any mind at all and never have to. For others, though, that piece of tissue is too large, long, or bulky, and causes something called a “tongue-tie” and can cause speech issues as well as even a gap in the front teeth.

A frenectomy is the reduction of this flap through a rather simple surgery. Unfortunately, there is sometimes quite some pain associated with the little cut needed to correct the issue and some elongated healing time. But thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, that all has changed with laser technology.

Laser Dentistry

Thankfully, we have access to something that makes the whole process a lot gentler on the patient. That thing is laser dentistry. Instead of slicing your mouth and laying down some stitched, we can utilize precise laser light to remove the extra tissue gently. The laser removes and seals the tissue at the same time, making for much less pain and a much faster healing process than ever before.

Laser dentistry makes frenectomies much easier as well as other types of periodontal surgeries. If you are think you may be in need of a frenectomy or other simple dental surgery, then you might want to ask your dentist about laser dentistry so you can have your procedure accomplished with less pain and bleeding, and faster recovery time. These are just some of the reasons we always recommend opting for laser surgery over traditional surgeries.

At Hudson Family Dental we have a commitment to gentle and smart dentistry with a focus on efficiency and comfort for you. We will always be searching for more comfortable treatment for our clients.

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