Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are the Future of Dental Restorations

Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are the Future of Dental Restorations

Apr 07, 2023

What do you do if you have a cavity in one of your teeth and the dentist suggests filling it immediately to fortify your tooth by warding off the infection? You probably start thinking of the different filling materials you might get knowing full well that silver amalgam and composite resin are the most common dental fillers.

Earlier amalgam was widely used for many years and is still used by dentists. However, composite tooth-colored fillings have become increasingly popular for their aesthetic appearance and durability. This article explains why tooth-colored fillings are the future, their durability, and safety.

What Are Composite Fillers?

Composite fillers have a more natural appearance than other filling materials. In addition, the composite material is customizable to resemble the shade of your teeth, ensuring they remain indistinguishable to people looking at your mouth. Would you like to understand what the tooth-colored material is? It is a mixture of plastic resin reinforced with powdered glass filler. Composite resin fillers benefit dental restorations, including fillings, veneers, inlays, crowns, and dental bonding. In addition, dentists use composite resin fillers to fix or restore broken and chipped teeth.

Alternative Filling Materials

Your dentist may recommend different filling materials when suggesting you restore your tooth. The materials include:

  • Silver Amalgam: Silver amalgams were common filling materials for many years as they still are. Silver amalgam is durable and lasts for 15 years or more, and has a relatively simple process because the dentist doesn’t have to worry about keeping the tooth clean and dry when placing the filling. In addition, amalgam fillings cost fewer dollars than other restorations. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings are not mercury free. If you are concerned about them, the American Dental Association has confirmed amalgam fillers as safe and viable.
  • Gold: Gold fillers are also durable and last for over two decades. However, they are more expensive than other filling materials and need at least two visits to the dentist in Union City, NJ, when getting them.
  • Ceramic: ceramic fillers incorporating a porcelain version are also durable, with a lifespan of around 15 years. However, they are not used frequently because they are expensive and require multiple dentist visits.
  • Tooth-Colored Composite Fillers: Composite fillers have a shorter lifespan than other materials but can stay on your teeth for about seven years after placement. If cared for appropriately, the fillers remain in the teeth for nearly a decade. However, studies reveal that patients with a high risk of cavities may not benefit from these fillers in terms of durability.

What Makes Composite Fillers the Future of Dental Restorations?

When trying to restore cavities in teeth, the location of the hole, the severity of the decay, your dentist’s experience, your dental insurance, and your budget determine which type of dental filler you can choose. For example, the back teeth are best restored with silver amalgam fillings because they can withstand the higher pressures of biting and chewing. While you can also consider gold or porcelain fillers, the cost might deter you from getting them besides the multiple dental visits. However, except for your posterior teeth, silver amalgam and gold fillers are unsuitable for the front teeth because they impact your aesthetics.

Tooth-colored fillings are an exception to the rule. They are suitable for the front and back teeth as long as you prepare for faster replacements than alternative fillings.

In addition to restoring cavities, tooth-colored filling materials also help treat chipped and broken teeth, gapped, discolored, and uneven teeth besides helping fix minor dental issues in a relatively straightforward procedure needing one visit to the Union City dentist to benefit from improved oral health to display a beautiful smile.

Unlike alternative filling materials suitable merely for fixing dental cavities, tooth-colored fillings serve multiple purposes to restore permanently damaged teeth from cavities or injuries and improve aesthetic defects with the teeth providing patients an affordable therapy to correct numerous problems with their teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings satisfy your desire for a filler that looks aesthetically pleasing without distracting from your smile. In addition, the filling material helps prevent further tooth decay from weakening your tooth. The Union City dentist will discuss options for repairing your teeth, offering you multiple filling materials. They also provide information that tooth-colored fillings are the next-generation filling materials helpful to fix any dental issue in your mouth without impacting your aesthetic appearance.

Hudson Family Dental suggest tooth-colored fillers as the future of dental restorations because they help fix multiple problems with the teeth besides cavities. If you need dental restorations for holes or minor damage, kindly schedule a consultation with them to repair your teeth with next-gen filling materials.

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