Why You Should Get Dental Sealants

Why You Should Get Dental Sealants

Jun 05, 2018

Going to the dentist for a filling can be time consuming and anxiety inducing, especially if it is something we have to do often if our teeth are prone to cavities. It may even be something that doesn’t happen to us but rather our children. Whoever ay be afflicted with tooth decay now has the option to stop decay in it’s tracks from forming into a problem by using dental sealants.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a thin coating painted on top of the surface of the teeth to be used as a barrier from tooth decay-causing particles. This sealant is extremely thing and placed correctly by a dental professional should result in no kind of compromise in the functionality and feel of your teeth.

Who Should Get Dental Sealants?

Children that have cavities a lot are advised to get dental sealants. Even adults can be good candidates for dental sealants if, by genetics, they are prone to tooth decay as well.

How Long do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants unfortunately won’t last a lifetime. If they are kept up well, seen regularly by a dentist, and not used in heavy chewing on a daily basis, they can have the potential to last a very long time.

Why Should You Get Dental Sealants?

If you still don’t have dental sealants, they are a great procedure to consider. As we’ve talked about in the above paragraphs, they offer a degree of protection that is unparalleled. Avoiding cavities or decay in your teeth, you’ll be saving a ton of money and Tim from restorative treatments that would be done after the fact.

If you have more questions concerning dental sealants and you was answers now, feel free to give our office in Union City, NJ a call. As a family dentist we want every member of the family to be safe, healthy, and protected from anything that can go wrong. Give us a call today.

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