Besides the teeth and gums, many other facets of the mouth can be improved by dentists. A laser frenectomy procedure can be used to help many patients that may not even know that there is a procedure that can help them.

Anatomy of the Mouth

There are ligaments in the mouth that can negatively affect the smile and overall oral health if they are too tight. The ligament that attaches the gums to the upper lip is called the labial frenum, while the ligament connecting the tongue to the base of the mouth is called the lingual frenum.

Symptoms of an Effected Ligament

The labial frenum should connect to the gum about 4 mm above the crest of the gum. When it is attached too low, there are many side effects:

  • Diastema – When too low, the ligament can actually cause a space between the two front teeth.
  • Recession – As the ligament is pulled on with the movement of the lip, small pockets can form. These pockets can grow and create a risk of gum recession or large gum pockets.
  • Open Mouth Posture – An overly tight ligament can affect the ability to completely close the mouth, which can lead to increased mouth breathing and detrimental effects on the jaw.

Laser Frenectomy Treatment

A labial frenectomy can help fix these issues. The frenectomy procedure is quick and relatively painless. After the area is numbed, a laser is used to make the necessary changes to the labial frenum. There may be slight soreness in the area for 2 – 3 days, but it will not inhibit the ability to eat. In about ten days, the area will be fully healed, and the new frenum attachment point will allow for the conditions above to be fixed if necessary.


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Dr. Jasmeet Khurana

Dr. Jasmeet Khurana received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University’s College of Dentistry. She is licensed in both New York and New Jersey, and is a member of the American Dental Association and the New Jersey Dental Association.

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